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In late 1998, a horrible accident occurred in Raccoon City.

The T-Virus, synthesized and experimented with in laboratories beneath and around the city, escaped. Many people died.

But they didn't stay that way.

The infection spread, rapidly turning the cities inhabitants into shambling, lurching horrors with nothing but hunger to drive them. The series of outbreaks that occurred soon engulfed the little town in a nightmare no one was prepared for. Before long, the city was lost.

Subsequently, it was sterilized.

With their quarantine failing and too much information slipping out of the beleaguered city, Umbrella had no choice but to wipe out any evidence left. They claimed that the city's nuclear power plant had melted down during the catastrophe. They provided doctored evidence, and a few well placed bribes for officials. The public believed them.

In the weeks following the destruction of Raccoon, Umbrella was honored for it's relief efforts, and public opinion of the company couldn't have been higher. Stocks soared, and Umbrella returned to business as usual. Resources were relocated, many of them to a town not far away from Raccoon.

A town named Pines.

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