What may come in time....

Who: Chris Redfield, any others currently in the Hive
What: trying to find Alice
Where: The Hive
When: In progress

He couldn't believe it. One minute she was next to him the next they had gotten separated. How did this happen? They were trained better than that, and he knew that. "Son of a bitch." Here Chris was, posed as a Umbrella employee and his partner had gone missing. This wouldn't bode well for him if the others didn't recognize him if he ran into them. He could have sworn she was right behind him but he must have taken a wrong turn. Leave it to him to do that, go figure. Shaking any and all non-mission thoughts from his head Redfield went back to the task at hand. Getting Alice out alive and preferably in one piece. Though he'd be lucky if he himself remained whole. So far he had lucked out and avoided any contact with other Umbrella personnel. He rounded the corner and kept his head down. For the most part the lab workers just ignored him. Which was good because he didn't have enough ammo to get himself out alive if need be.

With the turn down another hallway he could have sworn he was just going in circles, and it was quite clearly beginning to piss him off. With a noise of frustration he turned down a corridor and saw the same thing as he did just minutes ago. "You've got to be kidding me, this is absolutely ridiculous." He kept his tone low as not to draw any unwanted attention toward himself, upon doing so his general steely glare took over his features, it help him fit in, a little to well for his own comfort. Taking a few moments to regain his composure he pressed on, going down the opposite hallway this time which would lead him to unfamiliar territory, which for now was a good thing; that meant Chris was heading in a new direction. Whether or not that was towards Alice, hell only knew. Every time he passed a lab he would glance in, seeing harmless animals being tested on; just with those sites alone he deduced that Alice wouldn't be on this floor so he made his way for a stairwell. The last thing he wanted to take was the elevators. Finding the desired door he opened it, cautiously in case anything dead or alive were on the other side, nothing. 

A sigh of relief left his lips as he made his way down at least one level, peeking in the door it was the same as the last. Down he went again, so far it's been rather quiet, no undead and that ironically began to worry him. He peeked out another door, still nothing different, she he opted for at least one last floor, this one was different. It seemed as if they were doing several different types of experiments, all of which made Chris inwardly cringe. "This has to be it, or at least a start" he spoke softly to himself. With caution he made his way into the hallway, trying to act normal yet sneaky all at the same time. He heard some of the occasional moaning and groaning of infected but he couldn't tell where they were coming from and if they were confined or not. It wasn't drastically high on his current list of priorities. Finding Alice on the other hand was ranked number one...

The Dead of Night.

Who: William Birkin and Ada Wong
Where: A rooftop, because it is both dramatic and fuckin’ awesome.
When: Late night.

William Birkin was on the roof of a nondescript building downtown, leaning against his palms, which rested on the top row of cold metal railing. His eyes were fixed on the city below, which had been utterly destroyed by riots—not unlike how Raccoon City had looked, shortly before its sterilization. The odd explosion echoed through the night, while fires blazed wildly, and the newly undead denizens of Pines shambled about aimlessly. Once in a while, the creatures would snap at one another hungrily, which brought a tight grimace to William’s tired face. Inwardly, though, he was grinning. Umbrella was so entirely careless… and not as infallible as they thought they were. Two outbreaks in such a short amount of time…

No matter. Soon, if he hadn’t been betrayed, the scientist would have information on the corporation. Information that could be used to bring them down, were his intentions so pure, or as blackmail. The latter was most tempting.

Pulling his tweed coat tight around himself, William stepped away from the railing, a touch impatiently. Waiting was always the hardest part.

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Who: Rebecca Chambers
What: Arrival
Where: Surface
When: Night

The low hum of the Dodge Neon's engine began to slow into a complete stop; both bright headlights dimming before turning off, leaving the vacant street just as silent as it had been a few minutes before hand. Even the little door alarm, and then a closing of said door, had disturbed nothing save for a few rats. The cool night air teased at the young woman's short hair as she stepped out of her vehicle; carrying the smells of burning metal and dry moans with it. You could still hear stray gunshots popping, not to mention the occasional strangled, choking scream. The city was already in chaos, no doubt with the civilians battling for their lives at the hands of those infected with the virus. 

At least I made it before any blockades were set up.. One little victory so far. Surely this would be the only time she would be able to get into Pines through roadway. That was expected though, she'd just have to find another way out of the city, with her friends with her. There was not a doubt in her mind that the other S.T.A.R.S, were here. They had all been keeping an eye on the Umbrella facility here for some time after the Raccoon incident, it would only make sense that Chris and the others would of come here when the city began to show the very same signs as Raccoon. 

Easy part, getting in. Now I have to find them...

Her silent footfalls echoed creepily down the empty street; a dry click as she loaded up the mag into her Walther P99, the handgun adding a comfortable, reassuring weight in her hand. The light from the fires and various street lamps that wee still functioning, provided all the light that she would need, for the moment anyway's. The two, little dollar store flash lights she had bought remained in one of the side packs strapped to her belt, the very same one she had worn through out the training facility, and Spencer estate incidents. In fact, the entire outfit she had on, was the same. In one part, her friends could easily recognize her, and this happened to be the best protection wear she had. It had proven its merit twice already.

I just hope the "zombies" are the only things out here. A hopeless wish; whenever Umbrella was involved, regular zombies were never the only things prowling the streets. She could only hope that she rendezvoused with her team mates before any of the real monsters came out to play, a few zombies were easy to deal with compared to some of Umbrella's other experiments. For the time, the girl felt optimistic about her chances, while she walked down the flickering light filled streets, trying not to pay mind as a couple of the walking cadavers gnawed on the still-warm body of a citizen, thankful for not catching their attention as they enjoyed their meal. She only had limited ammo anyway's, four mags, fifteen rounds apiece, a total of 60 bullets. She couldn't waste them. Not before finding her friends that is.

So now, once again, the door to safety has been closed behind Rebecca Chambers. For a third time, she has entered the world, of survival horror at its worst.
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Riots on the News

Who: Willow and her dad.
What: Getting ready to go.
Where: The Tenbrook Household.
When: Night


"Honey, listen, I--"

"Oh, God, Dad they're saying that people are--"

"I need you to listen to me."

Swallowing back the senseless words that wanted to bubble up, Willow nodded, and then belatedly spat out a hasty and worried, "Okay." There was static on the line. Willow was having a hard time making her father's voice out over the steady hum of reporters covering the riots around the town barricades and the looting in the shopping districts. She slapped the mute button on the remote and hunkered down into the arm chair, both hands now curling around the phone. She stared blankly at the people and police bobbing maddly in the background of an impeccably dressed, straight faced reporter.

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Another day in Paradise

Who: Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield
Where: Surface, City Hall
When: Night
What: Outbreak, Infiltrate Hive

Outbreak. It had started, sirens wailed, people screamed. Fear. It caused more trouble than it should have. Some running to get out of the city others trying to steal expensive items. Are you kidding me?  That had been the thoughts going through Valentines mind. Hand holding the Browning 9MM, not at all looking incognito anymore. What was the point. People were freaking out in the masses. She was sure there'd be a mob somewhere. Torches burning, guns held high to meet the mass of walking dead. Slipping around the bar and heading to the city hall. Chris and Jill had been successful in evading the mobs and law. There had been a entrance in the City Hall, of course there was. Never failed. Motioning Chris to follow, slipping around the back of the brick building she found the hurricane shelter. Why was there one? Who knew. Eyeing the lock, a quick glance to the side, then to the right before the gun was aimed at the lock and bang! Why be subtle now when everything was going to hell? Smirking. The lock was tossed and the doors were flung open. Flashlight in hand the beam of light was swiftly scanning along the lower level. Slowly, black combat boots stepped down the stairs, listening for the unmistakable sounds of moans and groans. God, please none of those dead things yet. Valentine silently prayed. Moving in that routine sweep. Feeling safe with Chris at her back. Hell, they  had done this before. Remember? " Check the door" Says low to Chris as she stayed near the opening. Yup, she was going to be the first to shoot the suckers if they came this way.

Painting the Roses Red

Who: Ada Wong, Leon S. Kennedy
What: Infiltrating.
where: The Hive.
When: Night.

Leon: Resources at base were sufficient to give him a decent idea as to how to hack into the lock system. Whatever was down here at these coordinates was sophisticated. Interlocked in a network but still separate to isolate in the even someone like him was trying to get in. Lucky for him, he'd come across a handy tool to read the numbers for him--a brief handicap, but he hadn't had time to get proficient.

They could find him later, right now he'd gathered enough information to make a few assumptions, and the Elevator dinged open with a delightful greeting. A smirk crossed his lips as he stepped in, the door shutting behind him. Well-- he hoped they didn't find him here in this enclosed space.

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Know Who Your Friends Are

Who: Alice/Isaacs
What: Experimentation
Where: Undisclosed Location
When:  Unknown

Alice stood in a round, empty white room reminscient of a sterile environment with mirrors for walls. She was clad only in a paper-thin hosptial gown, bare foot, and cold. She had been standing there in silence for twenty minutes now, eyes trailing a circle along the mirror as she turned slowly. A buzzer sounded and everything when dark. Alice could hear her breathing. It was heavy, but steady as she tried to focus in the darkness.  The buzzer sounded again and the lights snapped on.

She struggled hard to get her barrings. Eyes squinting, but trying to stay open. The moaning sound was familiar though. Infected. Seven of them in the close-knit area. Alice's muscles tensed and for a split second no one moved - but then they started after her. Hands out, mouths opened like animals. Alice was able to take the first one out quickly with a round-house kick to the head which sent it flying into the mirror. Her arm was grabbed and she let out a shout as she pushed it away only to have her hair grabbed by another one behind her. She went flying to the ground but grabbed a zombie on the way down and broke its neck. Scrambling back to her feet, Alice kicked one in its chest, and started after another one...

By the time Alice was finished there was a pile of dead infect in the small room. She collasped, head in hands, before she passed out.

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The Search is on - Tag Rain

Who: Carlos and Rain
What: Looking for Alice, getting into the hive
Where: The Hive
When: Late night

If he was going to be completely honest, Carlos had been shocked out of his worry for Alice when Rain had said they would pair off. Splitting up was a good idea, he agreed, and when he really thought about it, he didn't know who he would have rather been with. His choices were, the woman he'd just slept with, the boyfriend of the woman he'd just slept with, the man who (as far as Carlos was concerned) had let Alice get taken, a man he didn't know or Valentine. He sort of wished he'd gotten Valentine, but he didn't protest as they started in their separate ways.

He was checking his guns as they walked in silence, glancing at Rain every so often. He wasn't quite sure what to say to her. "Who's Spence?" he asked finally. They'd never really gotten introduced.

Eyes and Ears

Who: Ada Wong
What: Reviewing video and audio surveillance, discoveries, a hasty transmission.
Where: The Batcave, a.k.a. Ada's base of operations.
When: Early morning.

Ada eased back into the swivel chair and crossed one leg over the other. Two seconds she stayed there, pressed back into the cushion seat, arms flat on their respective rests, and her head tipped back. She didn't so much as look at the wall of blue-tinted monitors as she looked past them, above, to the solitary little spiderweb up in the corner.

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